• Hubble: Looking for the next pallet to be wrapped.

    LOOKING FOR THE NEXT PALLET TO BE WRAPPED Ladies and Gentlemen, Signore e Signori, Madame et Monsieur. We proudly launch our new Robot Wrapper: The EvoPac Hubble. It is a simple, effective and sturdy machine that is able to wrap every pallet that needs to be wrapped, anywhere you need to wrap it. Though conceived as an entry level machine, it has everything a robot wrapper should have to perform its job perfectly: 100% steel manufacture, premium components and a high capacity battery, Hubble is the perfect team mate to have by your side to achieve your wrapping goals. Unlike with turntable machines: pallet size does not matter! With its 3,000 mm height wrapping option, the robot can wrap the tallest pallets and there is no size limitation for width and length! Finally, thanks to easy-helm technology and together with the auto-cut off option, you can also forget about operator fatigue as the wrapper can be easily lead to the pallet. And for convienience the film is automatically cut at the end of each cycle. So, we can definitely say “welcome on board” to this brilliant new machine!
  • Volta: the All-In.

    TOP NOTCH WITHOUT COMPROMISE Time to time, the purchase of a pallet wrapper can be a challenging task, especially if you do not have detailed knowledge of your production needs, or if you don't have a long-term knowledge of your future requirements (i.e. the future possibility of the need to wrap taller, black coloured or very different-shaped pallets that may need to be wrapped differently). EvoPac Volta allows for this need for flexibility in a brand new premium system. The machine is equipped as standard with a 2500 mm wrapping height and a super sensitive photocell for background suppression, able to detect the most awkward loads. Finally, together with our new "All Shortcuts" (AS) electronic board, you will be able to wrap everything that differs for your standard just by selecting a different button and without the need for a Master's degree in engineering. Totally customizable, with Volta we attempt to simplify even more your end of line process.
  • Darwin-T: the shape

    Take it easy!

    Do you need to wrap but you don’t have enough space? Well, we have the answer: EvoPac Darwin T- Model. Darwin T is part of our premium line. It has a fork-shaped turntable that helps you to easily load your pallet with a manual transpallet. By choosing Darwin T, you can forget any kind of ramps! As the traditional EvoPac Darwin, the T-Model is an extra compact machine, mounting our brilliant telescopic mast solution and tons of optional to meet your requirement .
  • Darwin: the mast.

    The first step toward packaging evolution.

    Try to imagine a screw, ready to transform itself in a car to lead you anywhere you want: this is EvoPac Darwin. EvoPac Darwin it’s our premium entry level machine. It features a unique telescopic-mast solution, an hig-tech juice that raises up together with the carriage in order to save a lot of space (just 1381 mm height when turned off), to wrap smoother as ever and to give more value for your time! Once ordered, the machine reache your wrapping area already fully assembled and ready to work: just plug and wrap! Fitted with high quality components, EvoPac Darwin can be tailored as you want to meet your requirements. Design visionary, wrap concrete.