• Dot: The Starting Point

    Everything starts from a dot!

    As Kandinskij said: everything starts from a dot! EvoPac Dot is our new custom machine particularly designed for those who need an immediate and super easy machine to smoothly wrap every now and then! Extremely versatile, it fits perfectly with low productions and works great when you need to wrap both with hand film and/or with a shrink gun! Dot is driven by an industrial footswitch and an Inverter, allowing us to completely customize its rotation upon your desire. Sided with a potentiometer for rotation speed adjustment, Dot hits the market with the brilliance of its simplicity.
  • Nobel: the price.

    Quality belongs to everyone.

    Until now, the equation was: if you want to save money you have to compromise on quality and forget about a classy service. Today, EvoPac Nobel shifts this paradigm, outstanding the market with an high quality Italian machine with the price of a cheap solution: the lowest ever! Wrap as you like it, save a lot of money and enjoy our complementary service. With EvoPac Nobel, the good packaging belongs to everyone.